the unloved city

I'm not the best material for a fan.
I don't follow every step, every move, every word... to be honest - I'm always timid when I feel coming information; when I see a heading in a magazine or an article in the internet, I'd rather prefer not to know anything what could wreck my very own imagination abouth them.
I don't look for bloopers nor for behind the scenes... I'd rather don't want to know if they're married or not, if they're happy, where do they live.
But it so happens  I know they didn't like Vancouver. Who are they ?
b.streetWhen I reach deep in the past, back to 1996 when The X files was discovered first by my school friend and later by me, intuitively we assumed it was being filmed somewhere in US. Probably we were naive enough to believe the crew must have travelled from one location to another according to the places mentioned in the beginning of every episode. The very first time I have heard the name Vancouver, mystical vibes flew throgh me. Canada seemed to be more mysterious than sunny, silly Hollywood, Canada was unknown, wild, impassable.
 _IGP2119Every time back then when there was cold rain outside I had to think of The X- files... and I couldn't know that the atmosphere outside my window was as if "transplanted" from the other world far away from beyond (not beyond the sea) beyond the ocean.
Dear David D. complained a lot about the climate in British Columbia, where the half of the year you have to deal with almost RAINY SEASON, where everything grows faster and bigger because of the moisure (trees, leaves, silverfish...),where you don't need to put any cream on your face because the air is so wet and if you are an owner of wavy hair-be sure, in Vancouver it will turn into curls.
vanAfter five years his wish came true and the production  moved to L.A. - the cinematic capital of success, fame and applause.
 Not only the filming locations has changed but also the atmosphere and plot of the coming episodes.
As someone from the filming crew said, everything became twice expensive compared to Canada, so "they couldn't affort anymore  exploding trains in the middle of the woods."
Well maybe exploding trains aren't what I missed the most in the new seasons but in some way the financial limits forced the writers to construct more psychological and balanced stories.
In central Europe bigger cities that would lie at the seaside and in the mountain at once are really rare. When we want to make a joke we say: In my fantasy Vienna lies at the seashore... but this is only a fantasy, right ?
 _IGP7232That's why the location of Vanouver, a modern city surrounded by mountain chains, lakes and woods from the East and the ocean from the West was something almost unearthly, impossible - a combination from dreams.
Making that decision
I couldn't foresee in what kind of stories my trip to British Columbia would branch out (because it branched out into You...) 
I imagined many times the first moments in Vancouver; completely alone, free-my first very consious breath.
I liked idelizing that moment, like writing a book where things aren't anymore what they are but belong to an order of a higher world. 
I thought I would run to the the dunes to welcome them and the ocean like a friend who was waiting for me.
 _IGP7210In the reality the first afternoon was different. In between I got a guardian who was supposed to pick me up from the YVR and bring to the rented room. That someone's friend's friend who was obligated not to let me get lost. 
I was tired in a confusing way, I didn't feel I needed to sleep, I wanted to inhale everything I saw but my brain worked very slowely. It was kind of eerie to experience twice the same day, june the 16th (changing the time zone), as if all crazy ideas from the field of relativity theory came true in that one simple experience. The night on the plane was a strange experience too, the night that wasn't really a night. Flying so long to the West you're actually chasing the day, leaving night hours behind.

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