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I wasn’t active for a long time and the site fell into troubles. Among others it was obducted by an extrateresstiiial beiiing….
I’m kidding, of course, it was obducted by bad people. Fortunatelly a friend of mine has helped so I can return and heal my narration.

it’s fancinating and strange how elelements flow in the space, go away and return.

during these hot summer months on the border of drought I was watching older hannibal movies. My researcher’s mind tends to analyze a subject deeply.
The Silence of the Lambs has stucked in my mind already in early childhood as “that terrible movie that my parents went to watch in the cinema and came back speechless”.  When I was 5 or 6 The x files didn’t exist yet, at least not in the featured world (maybe it did in the cosmic swirls were already little flickering atoms are waiting for those who can read in the great book of destiny.)

Once I have read (somewhere and somehow) that Chris Carter creating Dana Scully was under impression of the FBI agent character from Demme’s movie.
As an artist I know how much people like looking for references, similarities and alleged inspirations so I thought probably the only one similarity between those two characters would be that they both were brave FBI agents who caught dangerous criminals.
Imagine then my wonderment when I saw Clarice who looked like Scully’s more modest, tone down version, like an altered Scully from an alterntive universe.
Not a bold likeness, rather something very vague, maybe gestures, innocent aura or something involved in her eyes, believe me, that moment when bufallo bill is reaching her hair but withdraws that to avoid making his presence clear, that moment was deeply endearing.
I loved the same vintage atmosphere of the beginning of the 90’s that I always find back and enjoy in the first season of tXf.
Although I watch a lot of thriller movies, actually I just eat them as childish bedtime stories without taking all those bloody killers seriousely, that really old, 24 years movie truely impressed me, got involved and held in suspense till the last minutes of the show.
Unfortunatelly I can’t say the same about the Hannibal- movie from the beginning of the 21th century, with Julianne Moore and Anthony Hopkins (again). That evindent Gillian Anderson’s clone was probably supposed to make a connection with the original Clarice Starling’s spirit (and refers to the concept of Everything).
What I missed in Hannibal by Scott was first of all a good storyline. It wasn’t really clear and definitely too slow what resulted in lack of suspense.
The only one powerful moment was the last one before Hannibal’s escape.
Minimalistic colours and narrow, intimate angles let the watcher participate in the play of the unobvious feelings between Clarice and Hannibal (as an origin for the relation Will & Hannibal). Tears, a kiss, forgiveness. Opposite to Will Graham, Clarice Starling saw in the famous psychopath the figure of the lost father, not a spiritual lover or higher self.

The next one on the list of the “suggested watchings” is much-much better Hannibal. Rising. by Peter Webber. Made six years after Hannibal and more than ten after The Silence of the Lambs refers to the legendary killer’s young years.
This is interesting to watch how a psychopathic personality has been developing and opposite- to see Lecter as a responsible and loving brother of young Misha.
I doubt if this character is psychologically possible. As far as I am concerned, bad experiences can NOT turn a healthy personality into a psychopath.
I encourage all of you to read what the psychopathy REALLY is, not what we think it is  as a cultural construction. If there’re psychiatrists or psychologists among you, feel free to explain it.
Anyway, it was a good movie, however not very deep or inspiring (otherwise than NBC Hannibal serie).
What I especially appreciated, as a Polish citizen, was the image of Russian soldiers. It was shown still quite kind but I’m glad it could give a watcher from a Western country an idea how rude they really were.
Russian or Soviet soldiers were like beasts on the liberated terrains (including Poland). Cruelty, heavy rapes and immoral behaviors were their everyday practice. It’s not an overdosed story that they ate a little girl.

The really last position on this list is Red Dragon. However I saw that movie very recently, I vaguely remember the whole plot.
On that level of coherence with NBC Hannibal season 3 I found it difficult to accept that very different Will. Plain, friendly, well-willing, healthy… nothing mysterious at all.
What I liked in Red Dragon was how clearly they presented the story and motivation of the Tooth Fairy.  Watching the t.v. serie it wasn’t really obvious to me. Probably because of the emotional background between Will and Hannibal.



2 thoughts on “suggested watching: hannibal”

  1. Your thoughts remind me of my own thoughts – I’m not really fascinated by The Silence Of The Lambs with Hopkins. To be honest – I hate his creation of Hannibal (I’m not a crazy fan of Mads but he is really better in this role).

  2. The Hannibal character created by Hopkins is a separate story.
    My first impression was negative as yours. I think Hannibal created by Anthony Hopkins was less epic and colourful than Mad Mikkelsen’s creation. But he was more raw, intransigent. Not an artistic soul, just a murderer and on a certain level I liked it.

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