Rice Lake

It was a while ago when I submitted the last note and some of you could doubt if I had anything else to tell about these legendary filming locations.
Well you guys have to know, I’m just getting started, the best ones I have left for the desert.
_IGP8478In between I would like to say I decided to join Twitter and so far I’m glad about it. Tumbr’s discourse is just heartbreaking – if you know what I mean. On Twitter I decided to follow the offcial profiles, no fanblogs anymore.
I poked the x files in one tweet and in return
I was asked what was my favorite episode ^^
I feel mentally hugged by something what has always been so far away.
It’s again like touching nebula clouds but this time the nebula also touched me.

Some of you are probably waiting for the spring but I would like to take you back to the x files eternal autumn time. Fog and rain were always my beloved weather rice lakeconditions, I think even before I started to be an x files fan and the show only inscribed it into my heart forever.
By the way isn’t it interesting and scary at the same time how an accident can influence our tastes, longings and choices ?
As a child I used to believe this gloomy atmosphere was supposed to be a part of the whole narration as the emphasis of of Mulder and Scully’s investigations that always were mysterious.

After years I was made aware it was just the place where shots were taken. If FOX TV would have invested more bucks in the very begininng maybe we would have had the sunny the x files, like the seasons 6-9.
Opposite to the Buntzen Lake, (also one of the most popular x files filming locations ) that I visited on an ugly sunny sunday of july I was lucky to see the Rice Lake in late october (2014). The episode I had in my mind going there was Quagmire. However also some scenes for One breath (season 2, episode 8) & Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose ( season 3, ep. 4) were filmed right there.

the x files vancouver rice lakeRice Lake is a perfect place for those who has imagined Canada as a woody, green, cold land.
I was suprised by its a very modest size.
the x files filmingThe landscape was partially covered by the iconic clouds of thin fog that constantely flew away and came back.

The only one monster I saw was a fishing human being who left a poor fish alive on the wooden bench. I’m very sensitive for this and I scolded him, unfortunatelly he didn’t care much saying the fish wasn’t alive anymore, it were only post mortal convulsions.
Anyway filming locations chris carterit made me upset.

The Rice lake is surrounded by thick evergreen forest full of ferns, lichen and moss characteristic for this place of the world and for… the x files 🙂 _IGP8488


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