Skyland Mountain

recently the term “journey” has become fashionable. It’s probably caused by the spreading of C.G. Jung’s idea of inner journey that brings new psychological values and enriches the Self. So love can be a journey and mental illness aswell.

that’s why I hesitate to call my stay in Vancouver a journey, I don’t want to use to easy words for a thing that was complicated and deep.
My very good friend back then said: “It fits to you and your whole story, to the person who you are: a journey as a ritual of transformation”
B. he has chosen a different path and he isn’t at my side me anymore – when I recall his comment I feel sad.

I saw Vancouver as a desert. My wish was to get lost and breathe, to get lost and be found. Far from home, family, people I know (some of them decided to leave from my life untill I came back) and lots lots doubts that living among the human beings can generate.
The city was full of them but I didn’t know anybody and it was the beauty…

But the protective “angels” can reach even to the other side of the planet. They found someone who knows someone who knows someone and who knows someone (human nets are really infinite…)
and in that way on one sunny sunday a boy knocked on my door and invited me for a trip.

Grouse Mountain seems to be place for leasure time activity that attracts inhabinants of Greater Vancouver Area. It’s located in North Vancouver district what means it’s not significantly far from the city centre. _IGP2029You can go on the top both climbing and paying for a skyride. The boy I’m visiting that place with decided we would climb on the top and take the skyride down. However the mountain isn’t K2, Mount Everest or even any Polish top
I was supposed to climb during the school trips, it’s not gonna be a cakewalk.
The weather isn’t very hot. The third week of june in Europe can be really warm, so that far bright Sun on the sky and delicate wind promise a delightful time.
We climb among the pines, small bushes and other plants. Constantely I hear: “excuse me!” behind me, we have to stop, make a step away to let the others pass. The path isn’t very wide… but it turn out those people race with each other or try to break heir previous climbing time. You can hear really a lot of frustration in their excusemes 😉
We probably don’t climb fast but after a short time my organism is giving me signs it doesn’t like what we’re doing right now.
The slope is very steep. After the first syndroms of tiredness like aching legs, shotrtness of breathe and sweating my body gets cold and I feel shivers although the warm sunny weather. With every step I think it will be my last one.
After the dramatic final part of the path we get on the top and the view is unboubtely a reward for all previous difficulties, the shivers aswell.
On the picture below you can _IGP2051take a look at Vancouver, a city closed by mountains and the Pacific Ocean and far away United States. The picture isn’t very well done, there was too
much sunlight and it always lowers the quality of details.
There’re a lot of attractions like a guy with owls, chairlift, real bears (after a fence ^^) and… snow! Yes, there was snow on the very top in on the last days of june. I slipped on it, so I can ensure you it wasn’t a fake snow. It seems then to be a good place to spend sunday with the family.
And now, who was a good child and got to this place in my narration will be told a secret.
I discovered it almost on the end of our stay on Grouse Mountain when I looked down and saw the aerial tram hanging in the air…
wait… I have seen it already, somewhere!
So accidentally I found myself in the X files filming location for the season 2. Grouse Mountain’s terrain was used in late summer 1994 (…my sister was born…) as Skyland Mountain, Virginia. skyland mountain Virginia ;
The episode when Duane Berry takes Scully to that mountain to give her to the Aliens wasn’t my favorite episode back then. Scully was my very favorite character, I just started to watch that show and she dared to disapear for long 3 weeks…


On the picture above you can see excately the same view we see when Mulder tries to get out from the cabine. I remember that scene with purple evening sky as background. When you look carefully (watching that episode) ypu will see little lights of the city and it was nothing else than V.
The picture on the right side presents the top on Grou… sorry, Skyland Mountain.
That white spot is snow ^^
Do you think the Aliens visit that place often ?

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